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Voice123 – Earn Easy money 2021

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Introduction Voice123

Some time ago, one of our readers asked us to suggest any part time work for his entire family as they all wanted to try something unique but has not any sort of skills. So here we are today, with a special part time job Voice123 for which you don’t need any experience, skill or anything else. You can work using your new or old mobile phone only that too without investing anything.

We are going to introduce you a part time job through which you can earn a descent amount using your smartphone only as every second person in the country has a smartphone in his hand. Every household in the country has a television set in it. So people also need to content in it as well as on their smartphones to watch or listen. The content can be anything like serials, movies, cartoons, music etc. To fullfill this content requirement in India, serials, movies etc. are being dubbed in the the various Indian languages.

What Does Dubbing Mean?

As you all know dubbing means translating one language into another. For example, as you watch cartoons like Doraemon, Shinchan in India. These all cartoons are all filmed in Japan and that too in Japanese language but has been translated in 15 different Indian languages like Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali etc. If we talk about only a cartoon Doraemon, it has so many characters like Doraemon, Shizuka, Nobita, Suniyo etc. and you can hear them in various Indian languages.

So the people who give Indian voices to these Japanese characters are also Indian. Voice given to Doraemon is of an Indian Lady and just by giving her voice to Doraemon she is earning Lakhs of rupees regularly. Such people who dub for different characters are earning a very descent amount on a regular basis. In such type of shows, a single show can give you job up to 200 people just by lending their voices to the different characters of the show.

In this way, there is a requirement of thousands and lakhs of Indian people to dub for many shows or social media contents that are being created worldwide in different Indian languages.

So here is a chance to earn a very descent amount by working part time by selling your voice. Most of the people have a question in their mind that what type of voices hasve to be used for such jobs as they have never done anything like this as they don’t have such great voice. So why someone will buy our voice and pay us?
So here you are thinking wrong. You don’t have idea about the hidden talent in you. If you would have known about the same, you would have encashed the same. So whenever you get the chance to use your talent,you should do it. As there is no investment in the same, you can do a process in your free time that we will tell you now so that you can use your such vocal talents to earn.

About Website

Any male or female that can speak any fluent Indian language like Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali etc. can sell their vocal talent for such purpose. Even old aged male and female can also sell their vocal talent in this field for the old aged characters in the TV serials etc. Even voice of kids is also required as well as you can use any stammers vocals, heavy vocals, nervous vocals for various characters. So many of people reading this article can sell their voices.
A US based voice selling website is voice123.com. Many Indian people are earning very good amount by selling their voices on this platform by creating a profile.
Voice123 is the top choice for professional voice actors and clients everywhere. Since 2003, more than 250,000 projects have been submitted. Your earnings as a voice actor range from: $35 for a small market radio spot, $150 for a 15 second recording for say a small website, $250 – $350 for a 30 second major market radio commercial (Plus use fees) to about $2000 – $5000 per audiobook, as an established voice talent.

How To Earn Using Voice123?

You just have to register yourself for free and create a profile on voice123. We will tell you step by step how you can register and create a profile. You have to record a voice sample of yours on your mobile phone and add it to your profile so that whenever any customer visits your profile, they can also check your voice sample and if customer likes it they can finalize your profile and make a deal with you and can offer you work.
But first you have to enhance your voice sample that you have recorded for the same on your mobile phone. For the same, we will also tell you about a very good voice editing app Wavepad. We will show you how you can enhance the recorded voice sample using the same and add the same on voice123. If client likes your voice sample, they can hire you or make a contract with you for their characters.

Step By Step Registration on Voice123

  • Open website voice123.com.
  • voice123 website

    If using phone, you can also open the same website.
    voice123 on mobile
    You can conviniently use this website on your phone. We recommend you to work on desktop version of the website on phone. We will tell you how you can use the same.
    Click on the three dots on the top right corner.
    dots in voice123
    Click on the Desktop Site.
    desktop site
    Desktop site will be shown as
    voice123 website
    Ever modern site can be used as the same on phone as well as laptop.

  • Prestigious clients like Coca Cola, airbnb, The New York Times, NBC, 21st Century Fox etc use this website to search for the voice actors.
    voice123 actors
    You can also check how this website works on the homepage of the website.
    voice123 homepage
    Clients firstly, browse and filter to find professional voice over talent from around the world. Then they listen to the voice samples to review voice actors’ profiles and listen to samples of their work. At last if they like your voicee sample, they get in touch with you directly and negotiate without agents or middlemen.
  • To register yourself, click on Join As A Voice Actor.
  • register on voice123

  • Now select the languages from the drop down menu you can speak fluently and click on Next.
  • languages in voice123

  • Select gender and age descriptions that match your voice acting abilities and click Next.
  • gender and age

  • here select your recording capabilities and options for file delivery and click Next.
  • recording in voice123

  • Select additional services that you will offer beside voice acting and click Next.
  • services in voice123

  • Enter your email ID which you want to register and matching job opportunities will be delivered to your inbox.
  • email in voice123

  • Enter your full name in the next dailog box. Select how you come to know about the website and click on Continue.
  • full name in voice123

  • Click on Continue.
    continue voice123
    Again, click on Continue.
  • again continue voice123

  • Click on Continue again.
  • voice123 continue

  • Click on Complete Your Profile.
  • complete voice123 profile

  • Your profile will look like
  • voice123 profile

  • To record and enhance your voice sample, install an app called WavePad Audio Editor Free on your phone.
  • install voice123

  • Once you install the app, open it on your phone. It will look like
  • voice123 app

  • Click on Tap to Get Started.
  • To edit pre recorded voice sample, you can click on file option and select the file you want to edit. You can record the voice using handsfree or mic on your phone.
  • voice123 recording

  • To record audio on the same app, click on the red dot on the left bottom corner.
  • record audio in voice123

  • Click on Allow.
    allow voice123

    Now you can record your voice sample on the app.
    voice sample in voice123

  • To enhance the audio sample, click on Open and select Open File.
  • audio sample voice123

    voice123 earn money

  • Select the audio sample to enhance.
  • voice123 sample

    easy money in voice123
    voice123 website money

  • Play to listen raw unedited audio sample.
  • easy money in voice123

  • Click on Edit.
  • edit on voice123

  • Click on Cleanup.
  • cleanup in voice123

  • here click on Grab Noise Sample.
  • noise sample voice123

  • Click on Ok to select a segment of 8 seconds of your voice among the audio clip so that the app can remove rest of the noises from the audio clip.
  • audio clip on voice123

  • To select your voice segment,zoom the voice sample using plus sign on the right segment and drag it to the left side to select the segment and again drag it to the end.
    voice segment in voice123
    The section highlighted below is the voice sample of yours in the audio clip.
    audio clip in voice123
    While the section highlighted below is the noise in the audio clip.
    voice123 audio clip
    We will suggest you that whenever you record a voice sample keep the recorder on for atleast 10-12 seconds without saying anything so that it can record only the background noises around you and later on you can record your voice so that it could be easier for the app to identify the backgbround noises in your audio clip.
  • Click on Select to select the background noise sample.
  • noise sample in voice123

  • Click on Select to End as noises have recorded in the end in our clip.
  • noises in voice123

  • Now click on Cleanup.
  • Click on Grab Noise Sample.

    Now the app will analyse the given the noise sample.

  • Again click on Select and choose Select All to remove the background noises from the audio clip.
  • Again click on Cleanup and select Apply Subtraction from Noise Sample.

    It will delete all the background noises from the audio clip of your voice sample.

  • You can zoom out the audio sample and can listen to it if you want to check for the noise reduction.
  • Now to enhance your voice sample, click on the Effects.
  • Here you will get different types of effects and you can try one by one.
  • You can listen to each and every effect by clicking on the play button before applying it.
  • Using the Delay Time feature, you can create delay in your words of speech in milliseconds.
  • If you think your voice is too low in the audio sample, you can increase it by using Gain.
  • Once you finalise your effect to be applied in the audio clip, click on Ok.
  • To enhance the audio clip more, you can cluck on the Levels and their you can amplify, normalise compress or fade the voice in the audio clip.

  • Now to save the enhanced the audio clip, click on Home and select Save option.
  • Click on Save File As.
  • You can give your recording any name without changing its storage settings as changing storage settings may cost you and click on Save.

  • You can check the enhanced audio sample in your phone’s file manager under the folder nchsoftware>Wavepad.

  • Now to upload the audio sample in voice123, go back to the website and click on Add.
  • Create a Playlist there, name it and click on Add Sample.
  • Upload your file in the rectangular block by clicking or dropping file in it.
  • You need to give details about the voice sample description under the voice sample.

  • Click on Save Sample.
  • Click on Save Playlist.
  • You can also play the same.
  • To complete your profile, go to About Section.
  • Click on Edit option.
  • Now you can upload your profile picture , professional headline and other basic information about you in the section and click on Save.
  • You can also edit the skills and services offered as per the time and experience and then click Save.
  • You also need to specify the payment methods that you can accept for the jobs done by you.
  • Select the same by clicking on Edit option under Payment Methods Accepted ,select mode and click on Save.
  • Now your profile is 100% complete.

  • Now to verify the email id given by you to create the account, click on Menu option in the top left corner,select Your Account.
  • Click on Verify option under email address section.
  • You can open your email Id and get it verified from there.

  • To set the password of your profile on the voice123, again go on the website. Click on the Menu> Your Account.
  • Click on Change Password.
  • Enter the password you want to create and type the same again. Click on Set Password.
  • Now the password has been set.
  • Hence our profile creation on the website voice123.com is complete.
  • As the clients will see your profile,they can get in touch with you through your registered email ID on voice123. So keep checking for mail for job opportunities.
  • Now you can also start earning a descent amount just like thousands of people worldwide and in the country.

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