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VALIDATELY – How To Earn Money From Home

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Today we will tell you about a website using which you can earn a descent money just by doing a simple job while sitting at home and the best part is while you connect with this website, you can work with prestigious brands like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. The only work you have to do is test the applications, software etc. for the clients. As by the name of testing, you may think that you need to learn software testing etc. But it is not at all necessary to learn such things. There would be some some instructions given on the website and you just need to follow those instructions to do your job. The reason behind the instructions given to you on the website is that they just want to check that how much easy it is to work whenever an unknown user visits their website or app or software or is it difficult to interact for the user on the same. And just for checking the same, the website is paying you a very good amount. Website pays you minimum 10 dollars to 100 dollars for the single task. So now let us tell you how you can earn such good amount using website “validately.com”.

Steps To Earn Money using Validately

– Open website https://ux.validately.com/panel.


You can check the company clients of validately on the very first page that uses its services to improve their customer and user experiences.
Under “How Does It Work” section you can check step by step procedure to earn money using this website.


As it shows you will have to signup first on the website by providing some of the basic information of yours. After that you will start receiving emails offering money for feedback on websites and apps. Once you will complete the test, you will get paid for the same. As we have mentioned earlier, they can pay you 10-70 dollars for each test that can exceed upto 100 dollars in some scenarios.

– To signup in this website, click on “Start Making Money”.

start making money

– On the next page, to register click on “Create an Account“.


– You need to provide information of yours as asked by the website followed by “Next“.

question 1

question 2

question 3

question 4

question 5

question 6

question 7

question 8

question 9

question 10

question 11

question 12

question 13

question 14

– Confirm the information provided by you and continue the procedure by agreeing the terms and conditions and click on “Signup”.

Now you have registered yourself as a tester in the website. An email will be sent to you on your registered email id to complete the registration.

confirmation email

– An email will be sent to you as shown below


– Click on the link given in the mail by the name “Take the screener test now“.

email link

Screener test is a one minute test that you have to take which will be recorded by them on their screen to check how fluently you can follow the instructions given by them. So you have to follow the instructions given to you in this simple one minute test. This test is mandatory to take more tests on this website. As this test has some of its requirements, we hope you can fulfil.

– Now on the next webpage, click on “I will Test Websites for Money“.

test websites

– Click on Next.

test tutorial

– Click on “OK, I’m ready to begin this test“.

test tutorial

This website will record your test screen to review your test.

– For the same, click on “Install Validately Extension“.

– Click on “Add to Chrome” to add extension.

add extension

– Click on “Add Extension“.


– Click on “Allow“.

click on allow

– Follow the instructions now to take test followed by “Next“.

microphone check


todo app

todo app

– Once you will follow every instruction, your file will get uploaded.

file uploaded

Thank you message

Once you will submit the test and upload it, you will get the results within 7 days that whether you have qualified this test or not.

If you will have quaified the the test, you will start receiving the emails from them to earn money.

You can either receive mails from them on a daily basis or else you can also receive one mail in 3-4 days and if you complete one task you can earn minimum 10 dollars from that one task.

This is an advantage of working with this platform. So keep checking your mails on regular basis and whenever you receive a mail from validately do appear in that test and take it carefully.

You can receive payments for the same through paypal as it is international payment. So you need to have a paypal account of yours.

We hope you have understood the complete procedure of earning money through validately. So please register on the same and please check the mails timely and attempt them carefully so that you can earn a descent amount.

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