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How can we terminate the problem of website loading time?

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The website is an artificially designed face of our work that we are specialized in or of that in which we are indulged for many years.

Does having a website is sufficient to attract traffic?

The answer to this question is NO because only having a website is not sufficient, having a well-organized website with proper SEO in it makes your website a good fit to attract traffic. You can contact an SEO company to know more about SEO.

People prefer websites with less loading time. People in today’s world want everything to happen at a high speed. The choice of the coming generation is speed. This is the fact that users want the web pages among them to load faster if in any case or due to any reason it takes time this can affect the website user experience. What can help you there? SEO can help. Such issues like Website loading time are a part of Optimizing the SEO for your website.

If it’s a business website that is taking much time to load the user will switch to another website and will never have a look at the same website again. This is the only reason why big companies pay so much money to website developers and SEO Managers. They always take care of the website’s loading time because it gives a great impact on the brands if the website works properly without any problem.

According to Google, average mobile websites take 15 sec to load but the expectation of the people is less than 3 seconds for loading the website. It’s true that everything starts with high speed and the first impression is always useful. So, now you have started thinking about rectifying the mistakes and correcting the SEO?

If we are putting a lot of effort into making a skillful website that has great formation and pertinent content with huge information but still we are leftover with fixing loading speed, then we are not doing this fair with our work.

All the things such as an attractive website, huge information, SEO, and excellent content are not part of the first impression on potential users.

The first impression on the user is the loading time of the websites as soon as the website will load the interest of the user will automatically gain momentum. If loading web pages takes time then users mostly switch to other websites.

Some SEO related facts that are completely dependent on the speed of the website:-

  1. Reduction of bounce rates.
  2. Websites with high speed are easier to wriggle.
  3. Speed of the site is a factor for ranking on search engines.
  4. Conversation rates increase with high-speed websites.

What can help us in fixing the loading time of websites?

There are many ways to fix this problem of loading websites such as removing unused scripts/files, decreasing HTTP requests, and many more. But what actually can be saviors are mentioned below:-

1. Compressed images:- It is an important element of On page SEO. Firstly we need to have a look at the size of the images across our website. If we are using large images, then we must run them through an optimization software. If the large images are used across websites then it could reduce user experience because the image will load very late even after the webpage loads.

2. Minify and integrate files:- Minifying a file reduces the size of the file and decreases the number of files. It helps in removing unnecessary formatting, whitespace, and codes.

3. Use an external hosting program:- Whenever we think of uploading a video directly on our website via FTP at that time we should stop yourself from doing that. Every time we host a video on our own server, they occupy a lot of space, instead of doing this if you use a shared server, it will occupy less space.

4. Lesser the number of plugins we will use the faster the site performs:- Having too much plugin installed can cause some problems, can slow your website, create security issues, and other technical difficulties. Deactivating plugins or deleting them can improve the speed of websites.

5. Make sure of not using redirects:- Every time we use 301 redirect, it takes up the browser to a URL that makes the webpages to load late. Faster loading of web pages is the best way to improve user experience.

The first impression of our website decides the comeback of the user. So if our website actually has a problem related to web pages loading time then soon these should be fixed.

If we want to fix the problem of loading web pages over websites we need to follow these steps and this will help us in fixing our problem.

Research done by Google says that if the loading time of any website is higher than the user’s desired time, then he would surely choose another website for the use. Don’t think more, Start investing in SEO for the website.
To improve the experience of users we need to take care of the loading time of websites because at first he will experience the loading time and after that, he will check out the killer content we had on our website for them.

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