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SEO Best way to Earn money in 2021

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Everything You need to Know about SEO

Online jobs are practical work. If you don’t know about this it will help you to upgrade your skills. In this you don’t need any type of investment. If you are doing online jobs like part time, full time and freelance working then you will generate a good income from these websites. So we are talking about SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. In Simple terms, it means the process of improving your site increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better visibility your pages have in search results, the more likely you are to garner attention and attract prospective and existing customer to your business.

SEO is a part of digital marketing because people conduct trillions of searches every year, often with commercial intent to find information about products and services. Search is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands and complements other marketing channels. Greater visibility and ranking higher in search results than your competition can have a material impact on your bottom line.

So first of all you have to find the client. Google map is a trick where you can find American or European client for SEO.SEO is a 100% free and genuine. You have to send a SEO analysis report by email, attach with introduction letter that what disputes are there in their websites. And if they want a good visibility of their site than you will do that work. And you can generate a very good income from there.

Steps for SEO

  • Go to Google chrome and type SEO Analyzer
  • seo analyzer

  • You can also work with your mobile or on your desktop.
  • seo working devices

  • Click here you will find a list
  • list

  • Select Desktop site option from there.
  • desktop seo

  • It will open in desktop format on your mobile screen
  • on page seo

  • Three options are visible there
  • With the help of this you can easily work with SEO
  • Now go to Google maps, Here you can find a client for SEO
  • easy work seo

  • Type online stores here
  • online store seo

  • List will be open
  • Now you have zoom this map and select a country
  • You can also use your mobile phone for this
  • devices used for seo

  • You can find more options from there by clicking the arrow button
  • Options for seo

  • Select any one option from there
  • seo off page

  • It would be displayed like this
  • view in seo

  • You can see the website, address and phone number here
  • details in seo

  • Click on the link
  • backlinks for seo

  • The page will be visible below
  • page views

  • Copy the link from the address bar
  • seo tech

  • Paste the link that you have copied
  • seo work

  • Click on review
  • easy money

  • It will be looks like this
  • seo views

  • Now the processing is completed
  • seo processing

  • Click the download button to download the report
  • seo score

  • The SEO report is ready
  • Here the mark is 57 %
  • It means it have some disputes
  • It may be above 60 percent so this website is accurate and visible on the first page of Google search
  • This report is almost 20 to 25 pages
  • pages seo

  • Save this report in PDF format
  • This will be saved on this Yellow icon
  • optimized seo

  • You can see the file will be saved in PDF format
  • Now you must be edit this report
  • It should be impressive
  • You have to send this report to the client
  • seo report

To editing this report you have to use a tool i.e


Xodo is an all in one PDF reader and PDF editor. With Xodo, You can read, merge, annotate, sign, and share PDF’s and fill in PDF forms. You can open documents from your computer, Google drive and Dropbox. This provides more flexibility than ever before. You can insert, delete, recorder, and even rotate pages to manipulate you PDF to fit your needs

  • Install this Xodo PDF tool
  • Xodo pdf tool for seo

  • Click on skip button
  • seo skip button

  • Click on skip button again
  • seo skip

  • Click on Grant
  • permission for seo

  • Click on allow button
  • allow seo

  • Mail this PDF file that you downloaded to your own email address
  • Now open your email id
  • And download this PDF file
  • seo pdf

  • Click on Just once
  • seo click

  • The report will be visible
  • You have to remove this area from the report
  • seo report area

  • Click on save button
  • save seo report

  • Click on save a copy
  • copy of seo

  • Zoom this area and long press your finger here the options are being highlighted
  • Click on this option
  • List will be open
  • Now click on shapes
  • Click on this icon
  • Drag your finger and select the area you want to remove
  • Click on this icon
  • Choose fill color
  • Choose white color
  • Choose border color
  • Choose white color
  • You can see the written area was removed
  • You have to remove this from all the pages
  • Click on this icon to save this document
  • Click on save a copy
  • Click on identical copy
  • Click on select button
  • Type a name
  • Click the ok button
  • The report will be saved
  • Now you can send this report to client
  • Ensure that the will believe that this report is made by some expert.
  • Ensure the client that this report is not copied by some specific tool. It is done by you or someone who is expert in SEO

How to find SEO Expert

  • You can find SEO expert by OLX
  • Click on this button
  • Click on Jobs
  • Click on Other Jobs
  • Fill these fields
  • Click on next button
  • Upload your photo
  • Choose anyone picture from there
  • Choose your location
  • Click on next button
  • Now your post is ready
  • Click on post now button

Pros and cons of SEO


  • Free
  • Localized Traffic
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Expert Status
  • Customer Friendly


  • Targeted by Competitors
  • Changes
  • Penalties
  • Slow Results
  • No Promises

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