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As you all know we have always come up with some new ideas for part-time jobs work from home or freelancing work. So in these series, we have come up with a new work area for such work. If you’re doing a job but not satisfied with your salary or as a housewife want to make money or a student who wants to earn beside study, we will tell you the trick to earn.

As we know, in this new century everything has become online and now we can work for someone in the USA while sitting in India as there are no location barriers while working online. Earlier, BPO’s have been set up so the employees can work from one location for the different countries using satellite links. But now internet bandwidth has become so strong that one can work from anywhere sitting in a room, office, library, etc.

Today, there are many fields of work that can be chosen for online work such as data entry, typing jobs, translation jobs, etc. One can also do programming, developing, designing. If you’re an artist you can also offer your skill of art online. From this, you will be able to generate a very good income. Engineers can also work online on various projects. Even sales and marketing can be done online. Secretarial work can also be done online as someone gives you audio to convert it into a translational document.

We are going to tell you about such a genuine website for such earnings. On this website, you can earn all the payments in dollars. Whenever you convert a dollar into Indian currency, you receive Rupees 70 per dollar and these websites are 100% genuine. More than 30 lakh freelancers or part-timers or work from home candidates are working from the different corners of the world and earning well on this platform.

Guru as a Freelancing platform

It has distributed around 2,000 crore rupees equivalent dollars to the freelancers across the world in a short span of time. The website we are talking about here is “guru.com”. Guru is a freelancing website you can make good money with this freelancing website. You can make $8 to $100 per hour on GURU. You can create your account in Guru and then you can take work from online clients. They will give you good money for your task.

Example: if you are an SEO expert you can create a profile in Guru and get work of SEO. and when you complete your task then they will pay you the full amount. With over 2 million registered members, Guru.com helps businesses connect and work with freelance professionals efficiently and safely. So we will tell you how it will work.


  1. Open website guru.com on any of the browser of your system.
    You will get a Sign In / Sign Up page.
  2. registration on guru

  3. To sign up as a new joiner, click on Join Now.
  4. On the Information page, select I Want to Work as you’re going to work and after that fill the desired information and click on Join Guru.
  5. Part-Time Job

  6. Verify the account using the verification mail sent on your registered email address. If you haven’t received the mail, click on Resend Verification Mail.
  7. guru account created
    You will receive email from guru.com as
    Guru mail confirmation

  8. Click on Verify Now.
  9. verify guru account

  10. Enter your desired information such as contact information, your skills, services that you can offer, rate per hour (amount you will be charging per hour) minimum budget (the minimum amount you will be charging in case of a project), etc.
  11. contact information in guru
    guru services rate

  12. Click on Publish Now.
  13. publish guru profile

  14. You can list as many services as you can offer.
  15. listing services in guru

  16. As your services are published, now clients will be able to offer you jobs on this platform as per your mentioned services.

In this particular website, the process of registering yourself as a freelancer is very easy and short as compared to other freelancing websites.

You can offer as many services as you want. Also if you are not confident regarding any skill that you offer for any reason, you can also make someone else to do the job for you on a paid basis as clients just want their work done no matter how you’re doing it. Later on, if all goes well, you can also make it a big business by hiring people on a salary basis. once you learn to get the business.

So please try this and let us know how beneficial working on this platform is for you.


  • Platform allows businesses and freelancers to form long term partnerships.
  • Easy to access.
  • The segmentation of information into collections, boards, and individual cards allows you to keep a good control and organisation of information contained within.
  • The ability to allow some or all users to create and edit cards adds value and strengthens the team collaboration.
  • Gives you topics to help organize.
  • Time tracking software.

  • The platform of guru.com includes a streamlined yet comprehensive dashboard where you can view and manage your projects in the website.
  • Guru.com accepts payments in the form of e-cheques, cheques, wire transfers, and in website cash funds. This makes the payment procedure more convenient.


  • Each user should have their own “ site section” so to speak.
  • Should have an easier method of inserting images.
  • High monthly and transaction fees.
  • Complicated billing system.
  • No live chat for support.

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