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Introduction to Vastu for home plan Part-1 | VastuSastras.in

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Do you want to know about the Best and Easy tips of Vastu for home plan? So first we should know about What is Vastu Sastra?
Vastu Sastra plays a very important role in our life these are some of the believes and positivity rules which we should take care of while setting up a home and If you follow these some of the rules then you’ll reach the goal of a Rich and Healthy life.
Vastu Sastras is very simple and easy to follow only you take care of some of the points and Vastu Directions.
We without wasting time let’s begin with the tips you should follow for the Vastu for home plans.

Vastu Directions rules you should know about.

North-East Direction ( ईशान कोण ) of the Vastu for home plan

  • North-East Direction ( ईशान कोण ): It is known that the North-East Direction ( ईशान कोण ) knows the place of the lord.
  • This Direction should consist of Lord’s Temples.

Some of the points you should remember about North-East Direction ( ईशान कोण )

  1. This Place should be as clean as possible.
  2. Its Corner should not be damaged.
  3. Drilling of Water Pump or borewell should be there.

NOTE: If North-East Direction ( ईशान कोण ) is damaged or dirty or not cleaned properly then, It will cause a loss in business or jobs and can increase expenditure
Vastu Tips: In North-East Direction (ईशान कोण) you should keep a turtle statue which increases the lifespan and result in happiness of the family.

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As per Vastu Sastra, all Vastu directions should not be damaged.

And should be cleaned properly but we should take more care about the North-East Direction ( ईशान कोण )

South-East Direction (अग्निकोणे) of the Vastu for home plan

  • South-East Direction (अग्निकोणे): South-East Direction should consist of the objects producing or containing heat. This place can consist of Gas Stove, Generator and home main switch can be set up here

Some of the points you should remember about South-East Direction (अग्निकोणे)

  1. This place should be clean and heating appliances should be present
  2. This Corner should not be damaged

NOTE: If this place doesn’t consist of any Heat producing objects like Main Switch, Gas stove, Generator then you can face problems in your life startup’s
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