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How eCommerce business ensures continuity during COVID-19?

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Today, COVID 19 has been the most unexpected and unpredicted one in all over the countries. That impact is high and affects all kinds of businesses along with people. Due to the impact of this virus, every people are in quarantine and it has started on March 28th and so far it continues. When it comes to the e-commerce stores that are suffering a lot, that’s because, most of the online shopping stores are shipping products from China, which is one of the countries most affected by Covid-19. Thus, all the shipping products are stopped because their workers are in quarantine nowadays. However, it does not fall completely; they are trying to ship products from other countries.

So, in recent days they have started their work efficiently by following some rules and regulations to care for their workers and customers. Here are some details about e-commerce sites and how they are continuing their business without affecting anyone.

Sanitizing their workplaces, and products

Serving the people at this difficulty is a challenging task, but even they have decided to work to fulfill many people’s needs. Even in normal days, it’s difficult to carryover e-commerce sites but now it’s very difficult. They are to be very careful about handling a lot of things, workers, and customers. For this reason, in order to serve and save each and everyone they are following some factors strictly. In this case, Sanitization is their top priority, so they are instructing their workers to sanitize their hands before starting their work. Apart from that, they are sanitizing each and every product, warehouses, shipment centers, inventories, and their workplaces.

Here are some sanitary precautions that they are following to ensure safety

  • The warehouse is scanned and sanitized every day frequently
  • Limited the workers as per their norms and instructing them to maintain appropriate social distance
  • The worker’s body temperature would be monitored before entering and exit the workplace. They have emergency contact numbers such as near hospitals, and police station numbers to use it if they required.
  • Apart from the workers, they are maintaining visitor’s record and they are allowed inside after checking their body conditions.

Offering contactless delivery to their customers

The e-commerce stores are very conscious about hygiene, so they have instructed to maintain hygiene to their workplace, and mouth mask is compulsory. Thus, every worker is working in a workplace with wearing masks. Also, they are maintaining social distance from their customers while delivering products. For this reason, the company has decided to provide contactless delivery. In this case, the deliveries partners are leaving the ordered products in the location where the customers instructing them to keep the products. By following this way, they are trying to reduce the spreading of Covid-19 from their side.

Keeping customer support paramount

Due to the quarantine, the people are not allowed to go outside for long distances even for buying necessary things, so they are struggling too much to buy the products. For this reason, the e-commerce site has taken the riskier steps to serve the people efficiently. They are strictly following government law firms while delivering products. Therefore, people can order their necessary products such as groceries, clothes, medical products, and more. To ensure customer satisfaction and safety customer support is available round the clock.


They are come up with a live tracking facility to track the delivery partner and customers. Thus, they can able to share their locations perfectly without any hassle and confusion. In this case, the customer can track the order confirmation, merchant details, delivery status, and refund status easily.

Offering discounts and offers

In this condition, buying products are very difficult at a higher price, by understanding the customer’s problems they are offering a lot of products at an affordable price. They are come up with plenty of offers, discounts, and promotional deals for providing the products at a reduced cost. Now, it is the time for buying products online because the Flipkart Next sale 2020 is going to begin in the Flipkart e-commerce site, so make use of them and buy your desired products at a reduced cost.

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Time to buy the products!

Therefore, there is no need to struggle to buy products place your order at e-commerce sites, and avail the products without any hassle.

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How eCommerce business ensures continuity during COVID-19?

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