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Introduction of ZOOMBUCKS

Friends, Today I am introducing US based 100% Genuine PART TIME money earning website. It is HOME BASED JOB. So friends, to know about this in detail, read the article thoroughly and thoroughly so that you can gather all the information before working on it and you don’t have to face any difficulty.

So Friends, today’s earning website is Zoombucks.com. Yes you heard right, It is Zoombucks.com (HOME BASED JOB PLATFORM). This US Based website is 100% Genuine. They pay you in US dollars. You can also work on it from your mobile phone and whatever income you earn will easily come in your Indian bank account as well.

Let me tell you quickly how you can earn from this HOME BASED JOB website.

Types of work in ZOOMBUCKS

1. The first easiest way is to complete the surveys

: Friends India is a country of 130 crore people. Multi-National Companies all over the world want to know what kind of services and products these 130 crore people of India like. In order to collect this information from Indian people, multinational companies put surveys on these websites by giving millions of crores of rupees to all survey websites like zoombucks.com.

And in this way, surveys done by you on your mobile phone in which you express your views, these big survey websites like zoombucks.com are further sold to multinational companies and earn millions of crores of rupees.

And friends, big multinational companies like AMAZON, APPLE, GOOGLE, HP and many other big companies, on the basis of these surveys, then launch similar kinds of products and services that Indian people need in INDIA. Through surveys, they get information about what kind of people Indians are, what their income is, what kind of family they are, and what kind of products and services they would like.

So all this information, which we also call Commercial Intelligence, goes to those big companies, and on the basis of this other companies earn billions of rupees.

2. Another way to earn money on zoombucks.com is by watching advertisements or watching videos

: On your mobile phone, zoombucks.com shows you such videos which contain advertisements given by big or small companies. In return, those companies pay Zoombucks thousands of dollars. And Zoombucks give a part of it to you because you have seen those advertisements. All of this can be earned in US dollars.

3. Apart from this, there is a third way to earn from Zoombucks and that is by completing small tasks

: I will show how to do it in the screenshots.

4. Another way to earn from website is referral income

: When you invite your friends, acquaintances to earn money on ZOOMBUCKS by doing free of cost registration. Then Zoombucks pay you for every referral. By this way you can earn easily from this HOME BASED JOB.

Zoombucks Website intro

So, friends, now I am sharing screenshots of this HOME BASED JOB website:

1. Open zoombucks.com in your browser.
three ways of earning
Friends I told you earlier too, and you can also see in the image above how you can earn money here.

Completing surveys – Here you get money for completing surveys.

Watching TV– Here you get money for watching advertisements.

Doing offers – You can also earn by completing offers.

2. When you scroll to the bottom of the same page then you can see How it works section. (see below screenshot)
How Zoombucks work
So here you can see what is written.

Step 1:

which means the big brands of the world want to engage with the people of the whole world and find out what those people want. What kind of products and services do they like? In every country, people from every category, whether it is lower income, middle income or high income.

So these big brands gave this work to websites like zoombucks.com and also pay millions of crores of rupees as well.

Step 2:

Members mean you people. People like you come to a website like zoombucks.com and complete the surveys and tell their views which are worth in the world. And Zoombucks earn millions of rupees by selling these views to big brands and also give millions of rupees to users like you for completing surveys.


You can earn thousands of rupees as a part time income through this home based job by sitting at your home, doing surveys or watching ads from your mobile phone, or by doing small tasks you can easily earn good money and earned money will be deposited to your Indian bank account safely.

Zoombucks Registration & Earning Process

Step 1 : Fill Registration form

Zoombucks registration form
So see here it is written above join for free

It means free of cost joining, there is no registration fee, entry fee on any stage. Neither initially nor later It is absolutely 100% free. Only your little time will be spent here.

First field: Enter your Email.
Second field: Enter your password.
Third field: Enter your password again.

Now click on Sign Up Now Button(see below screenshot).
sign up now

Step 2 : Confirm your Email

Now, friends, you can see below screenshot here we have 4 steps to complete:

here is the first step
Confirm your email:
Here zoombucks wants us to go to the email that we had given at the time of registration and click on the confirmation link in the email that came from them. So that our email id will be confirmed.

So to do this, I have done this step myself and opened email I got from them (see below screenshot)
Zoombucks confirmation email
Here you can see that email has come from zoombucks, then we only have to click on confirm email address button.

Then you will see the next page
zoombucks email confirmed
Here you can see your email has been confirmed, now you can click on zoombucks sign in Button.

By clicking on it, you will see such a page (see below screenshot)
zoombucks dashboard

Step 3 : Complete your profile

So in this, you will complete your profile, for your information, let me tell you that the profile is very important on the sites that conduct these surveys.

Who are you? What do you do? Survey websites like zoombucks want to know this information because on basis of that surveys will be provided to you. If 5 different people complete their profile on zoombucks, then everyone receives different types of surveys, it is not that everyone will get the same type of survey.

Let’s see now by clicking on Complete Profile Button.

On clicking, you will see a form on the next page, you have to fill the information given in it.
zoombucks edit profile
After filling the information and uploading the profile picture, click on save and return to the home page.

Step 4 : READ our Guide Lines

zoombucks dashboard
See here, zoombucks.com itself is saying that read our guide lines so that you can earn 100 to 500 US dollars i.e. Rs35000 / month, then we will click on read now.

guide lines
Here you will see some tips have been given to you by the website of zoombucks survey so that you will get all the required information you need and you can earn maximum.

You can read it yourself or also can take the help of a friend.

Now, Again come to home page and let’s move on to the next step.

Step 5 : Start Earning Money

Here I will tell you how to earn, so here you will see there are 3 ways to earn.
ways of earning

Earning money from Surveys, Videos and Offers
To make money from surveys, videos or offers, you can select any of them from list and click on the green button next to it. (Important read below points).

IMPORTANT Tricks and Points:

1. Before giving a survey, the survey profiler will come in front of you, in which your information will be asked, then you will have to show yourself a slightly higher profile so that you will get more survey offers. And instead of single in marital status married people get more surveys because they have more responsibility on them. You should also make a profile accordingly so that you get good surveys.

Websites like Zoombucks do not have any source to find out the truth, so on basis of information you put, you will get surveys accordingly.

2. First of all, complete surveys with more money, click here to access surveys with more money. (below screenshot)
more surveys
Then on next page,
high paying survey
Give priority to Zoombucks surveys which is marked in the screenshot above as these offers end soon, after that do the other surveys.

For example, I am completing one survey and putting a video of it, you can see.

Similarly, you can earn points by completing surveys, for every 1000 points you will get $ 1.

In this way, you can earn a lot of money every month. You can also earn money by watching videos along with surveys.(see below screenshot)
watch videos

And by completing the offers, you can earn a lot of money in the same way.(see below screenshot)
offer tasks

Register on ZOOMBUCKS here

So friends, I have shared all this information with you, so go and earn money easily. And please give us your suggestions in the comment box below.


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