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Google sites Tool for Creating Webpage

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Google Sites tool for creating webpage

Google sites Tool

(Google sites Tool) Google site is a structured wiki – and web page-creation tool included as part of the free, web based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google. The service also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drawings, Google Forms, and Google Keep. Google Forms is only available as a web application. The app allows users to create and edit files online while collaborating with other users in real-time.

It is 100% free and it’s automatically added to Drive, like your other files stored in Drive. You can edit a Google Site together with someone else in real time, and see each other’s changes live. Publish the site for everyone to see, or restrict sharing permissions and make the site accessible only to people you want to share it with, like vendors or suppliers.

Google Sites has been part of Google’s suite of apps since 2008, when it was launched as a simple website builder. You could format text, embed images, documents, or videos, and insert your own HTML code if you wanted to add more features. Everything was laid out in tables, so you could have a single or multiple-column layout for your content.

Steps – creating website using Google Sites tool

  • Go to Google search and type Google sites.
  • The page will be shown like below.
  • google sites page

  • You can do the same process with your mobile phone.
  • Click on this arrow.
  • Google sites arrow

  • Click on desktop site.
  • google desktop site

  • It will look this on your mobile screen.
  • google sites mobile view

  • Click on blank page.
  • blank page

  • The page will be displayed.
  • You can enter site name here.
  • google site interface

  • You can add your logo here.
  • It is optional you can skip this.
  • skip

  • Now change the title of your web page.
  • google sites title

  • You can edit the font style of the title.
  • style of title google sites

  • Add a welcome banner here.
  • Click on change image.
  • change image google sites

  • Click on Select image.
  • google sites image

  • You can select any picture from these options.
  • Click on search a new window will be visible.
  • google sites new window

  • Type here for what kind of image do you want on your webpage.
  • And click on search button.
  • search button on google sites

  • Choose any one picture from them.
  • picture on google sites

  • Now you will find that the image has been inserted.
  • image insertion in google sites

  • You can edit this by using header type.
  • In this you can adjust your title backward or frontward.
  • google sites adjusting title

  • You can use these options.
  • google sites options

  • Add text to your page.
  • Click on Ad footer.
  • Ad footer in google sites

  • Type an attractive line as a footer.
  • You can edit this.
  • google sites editing

  • You can add more than one items.
  • Click on collapsible text.
  • google sites collapse

  • Two text box will be displayed.
  • Type category on first text box.
  • Now add more items this blank drop down text box.
  • Add more items

  • You can edit these categories.
  • You have to select these items and click on bold or italic or both.
  • google sites selection

  • Now you have to create more pages.
  • Click on pages.
  • pages in google sites

  • Click on home.
  • google sites home

  • Click on new page.
  • new page in google sites

  • Type the name of your page.
  • And click on done button.
  • google sites done button

  • You can see your page Mobiles has been created.
  • You can edit this name by bold or italic.
  • Now you have to decorate this page by adding related fields.
  • related fields in google sites

  • You have to change its image.
  • change image in google sites

  • Select any one picture from there.
  • select picture

  • Image will get changed.
  • Click on the hide button to hide previous page settings so you can add more new items on your new page.
  • google sites tool

  • Click on insert button.
  • google sites tool

  • Select any layout from there.
  • google sites tool

  • It will look like this.
  • google sites tool

    Amazon Associate Program

    The Amazon Associates Program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With millions of products and programs available on Amazon, associates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations, and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.
    Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from Amazon. It’s completely free to join and easy to use. And when they do, you can earn up to 10% referral fees. As an associate, you’ll have full access to a suite of reporting tools to help you learn what resonates best with your readers.
    google sites tool

    • Click on Product Linking.
    • google sites tool

    • Click on Product Links.
    • google sites tool

    • Type mobiles here and click the Go button.
    • google sites tool

    • Many results will be found there.
    • Click on any one that you want to add on your webpage.
    • google sites tool

    • It will be open.
    • google sites tool

    • Click on image.
    • Now right click on that image and save image.
    • google sites tool

    • Select the location where you want to save the image and click on the save button.
    • google sites tool

    • Save all these images related to this mobile phone.
    • Click on Plus sign to add mobile images, its description and link here by using a tool Amazon Associate.
    • google sites tool

    • Click on upload.
    • google sites tool

    • Select the picture from there which you have saved before.
    • Now click the open button.
    • google sites tool

    • Image will be inserted.
    • You can adjust the image by dragging.
    • Now you have to edit text here.
    • google sites tool

    • Select the name of the mobile and copy it.
    • google sites tool

    • Paste the text that you had copied.
    • google sites tool

    • You can edit its font.
    • google sites tool

    • Click on pages.
    • google sites tool

    • Click on new page.
    • google sites tool

    • Type the name of the new page and click on done button.
    • google sites tool

    • Here the page created.
    • You can edit the title of the page by bold or italic.
    • google sites tool

    • Change its image click on upload button.
    • google sites tool

    • Select any picture and click on open button.
    • google sites tool

    • Click on the hide button to hide previous page settings so you can add more new items on your new page.
    • previous page

    • Click on insert.
    • click insert button

    • Click on image carousel.
    • image carousel

    • A dialog box will be visible click on add image.
    • dialog box

    • Click on upload image.
    • upload image

    • Select all the images related to this phone that you had copied before and click on open button.
    • all images

    • Click on insert button.
    • insertion

    • You will find the dots when you scroll these dots you find all the images of this mobile phone.
    • google doodle

    • Again select and copy the name of the mobile.
    • website of google

    • Click on insert and click on text box.
    • google pro products

    • Paste the text that you had copied.
    • You can edit this text.
    • this text

    • Now select and copy the description of the mobile phone.
    • description

    • Paste here.
    • paste Sites

    • Click on insert and click on insert button.
    • insert or click

    • Type name here buy now.
    • Now you have to insert a link.
    • insert link

    • Click on get link.
    • tools

    • Link will be displayed.
    • Copy the link.
    • webmaster

    • Paste the link here.
    • google gmail

    • Click on insert button.
    • insert button

    • Here is your button will be created.
    • You can adjust the size of the button.
    • size of button

    • Click on pages.
    • click on pages

    • Click on mobiles.
    • google mobiles

    • Click on button.
    • button google

    • Type more details on name text box and select the link here and click on insert button.
    • text box

    • You will find that the button more details will be created.
    • You can adjust the size of this button.
    • size of button

    • If you want to view this that what you created then click on preview button.
    • google view

    • Select any one option and click on the cross button.
    • google sites tool

    • Your webpage will be open and click on mobiles.
    • google sites tool

    • It will be open.
    • Now click on the button more details.
    • google websites

    • You will check all the pictures related to this mobile by clicking on the arrow button.
    • google app

    • The mobile name and description will also visible.
    • google products

    • Now click the button BUY NOW.
    • create website

    • It will redirected to this site where anyone can buy this product.
    • And you will automatically got the commission.
    • What can you do

    • Go to your web page.
    • Click on home.
    • google sites tutorial

    • Click on the drop down arrow.
    • work from home

    • Click on the insert link button.
    • hinglish money

    • Click on mobiles.
    • home based job

    • Click on apply button.
    • online money

    • Click on mobiles.
    • mobiles

    • Again you have to click on the Plus sign for next mobile phone.
    • Repeat the process which you have done earlier.
    • Now next product is laptop.
    • Repeat the process which you have done earlier for mobiles.
    • Create pages one by one against these categories.

    Publish and Share Your Google sites

    • Click on Publish button.
    • button

    • Click on the publish button.
    • publish button

    • Now you can see the message “your site has been published successfully”.
    • google sites successfully

    • Go to your home page.
    • Click on published site link.
    • google sites publish

    • Click on copy link button.
    • copy link google sites

    • Go to your Amazon Associate page.
    • Click on account setting.
    • google sites amazon associate

    • A page will visible.
    • Click on Edit Your Website And Mobile App List.
    • google sites app

    • A dialog box will open.
    • Click on Add button.
    • google sites add button

    • You will find that your website link will be visible here.
    • google sites website

    • Now click on confirm button.
    • google sites confirm button

    • Click on home button.
    • google sites home button

    • Scroll down the page and click on Advertising fee.
    • google sites advertisement

    • You will find the Associates program Advertising Fee Schedule.
    • Scroll down the page.
    • google sites page scroll

    • Here you will find the Product category and Fixed Advertising Rates.
    • rates in google sites

    • Go to your home page of your webpage.
    • Click on the copy published site link.
    • google sites publish

    • Click on the copy link button.
    • copy button google sites

    • You can share it on your facebook account.
    • share google sites to facebook

    • You can share this link on your Whatsapp group.
    • share google sites in whatsapp

    • You can also share your webpage link on Instagram, Twitter, and linkedin accounts.
    • share google sites webpage

    Pros and Cons of Google sites


    • Free.
    • Fast and easy to edit.
    • No programming or database skills required.
    • Ideal for newbie who wants to build a website for the first time.
    • No software installation required.


    • Limited functionality compared to other website builders.
    • Not really good website for business – not enough customization.
    • Apps only limited to Google apps only. Apps outside Google apps may be inapplicable.
    • The sire URL must begin with “sites.google.com/site/” which is too long for a website.

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