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CDL truck pre-trip inspection test checklist

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The CDL truck inspection checklist is a detailed and comprehensive inspection of all the parts, equipment, and systems of the truck. The daily CDL truck inspection checklist is a mandatory federal requirement that doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes. The inspection findings should be logged in the logbook.

Engine Compartment

In the engine compartment, the inspection would entail checking any leakages. Also, see if all of the components in the engine compartment are properly mounted and that there must not be any broken or cracked components.

Here, you would also be looking at all the hoses to ensure that there is an adequate level of fluids available (oil, coolants, power steering fluid, etc.). Also, make sure that there aren’t any leakages in here.

Fuel Tank and Battery Area

In this step, you would be inspecting the mirrors, fuel tanks, exhaust system, and other components of the truck. Make sure nothing is cracked, broken, or bent.

Inspect the door hinges to see if they are sealed properly. Also, make sure that the mirrors have to chips or cracks and are clean. For the exhaust system and driveshaft, ensure that there isn’t any broken, bent, or cracked part.

Also, in here you should check the brakes and suspension system for any cracks, bents of broken parts. Inspect the axle seats, tires, and rims for the seals and ensure there is no leakage around.

Coupling System

In this step, you will be standing at the point where the tractor and trailer are connected to inspect all existing air lines and electrical lines. See if these lines are mounted properly at both ends. There should be any leaking air, bulges, buts, or abrasions. Also, make sure that there are too exposed wires.


Start from the front wall of the trailer and ensure that there are no missing rivets in there. Also, inspect the landing gear and see if it is securely mounted. Under the trailer inspect the frame and crossmembers to ensure there are no bents, cracks, or broken.

Preparing for DOT inspections

Most of the time for properly maintained commercial vehicles and trucks the DoT inspection will last no more than an hour. Below are some tips that can be used by carriers and drivers both to prepare for the DoT inspection:

  • Keep the inside and outside of the truck clean (including equipment, accessories, and parts)
  • To ensure optimum condition of the vehicle conduct periodic preventive maintenance program
  • Conduct truck pre-trip inspection checklist to ensure optimum performance level
  • Know the DoT truck inspection checklist and procedures
  • Secure shipments properly

Final Thoughts

Truck inspection checklist give drivers a chance to ensure the safe operations and controls of the vehicles and avoid any breakdowns or accidents. Also, by complying to the above mentioned truck inspection checklist, drivers are in a better position to prepare for the official inspection and pass the inspection test.

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