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The world has become the hub of new inventions and innovations that revolving around us at fast pace. Every year we experience new technology introduced to our lives that are designed in such a way so that flow of work can be made easier without any hurdles. Different sectors have started adopting new technology to lead forward keeping their competitors behind. Livestock industry is known famous for adopting the latest technology so that they can switch from manual record keeping to automatic record keeping. Monitoring of records manually is not that as it sounds, so the need for cattle record keeping software was triggered in the livestock industry and this need was fulfilled by the one and only famous I.T Company, folio3. The team of folio3 after a vast research thought for benefitting the livestock market by minimizing their workload with the deployment of this software.

Cattle management is a fruitful business but it requires human labor to take care of the animals so they grow healthy and strong. If we see in the past, farmers were used to spent their day and night serving the cattle to ensure that they do not fall in the wrong hands, avoid them from getting ill and maintain their proper hygiene. But thanks to folio3 that made the lives of the farmers and many other livestock companies easier by launching cattle record keeping software, this software was designed and developed by seeing how things can be automated and the staff can monitor the progress of the animal from their work stations. After a quick research they designed the advanced features of the software that were user friendly, easy to understand and easy to access. The teams working in the cattle farms were then trained to use this software that ultimately made them efficient and also increased their productivity, with the passage of time companies who were using this software started getting marvelous results that earned them with huge profits. 

Livestock companies and owners were blessed by the introduction of cattle record keeping software as their tasks were completed before deadlines, the features of the software enabled them to view the performance and behavior of their animals, app was aligned with the system in such a way that you can see the farm and the cattle on ground by just one click, farm drones were used to monitor cattle in day time at the time of grazing and record keeping sheets were automatically updated every week without any hassle. 

Folio3 motive was to boost the livestock industry in the market just like other sectors were improvising by the use of technology, furthermore cattle record keeping software was not limited to only livestock companies its fascinating features and deployment on the portals got so much viral via positive word of mouth that many investors started investing their huge chunks of investment in this business in order to enjoy high ROI’s. By the usage of this software a proper channel was created to ensure that work flows smoothly, the development team of folio3 was aligned twenty four seven with the clients who purchased this software, just in case if any issue occurs so the team was always there to resolve the issue timely. A monthly progress report of the software was emailed to the clients who purchased the software in order to keep them updated with the quality that was promised to them. 

As the clients started sharing their success stories by using cattle record keeping software, not only folio3 gained fame but also its goodwill was created in the I.T industry. The company started getting orders of the software and its deployment from across the globe, in this way folio3 was blessed with a good clientele that earned them with handsome revenues and also increased their visibility in the market by positive reviews and five star ratings from the clients. Moreover, workers of the cattle management became tech oriented and showed their great interest towards the new tasks that were assigned to them after deployment of this software on their portals. 

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