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Canva online graphic tool for work from home in year 2020

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We are going to tell you a very new trick so if you don’t have any skill with you, it can be learned within a day or two and a maximum of three to four days and you can start earning good money. As we shared earlier that how someone can do part time job/work from home/freelance work and earn money but many of you shared response that they can earn only if they have any skill. They asked what they can learn to earn a good amount.

All the websites we have told you about earlier, are international and freelancers associated with such websites are earning well. These websites have already distributed millions and billions of dollars among such freelancers who work from home/part time. This can be done sitting anywhere.

So now, we are going to tell you about an application which can be used for designing. You can use this app for any sort of designing like youtube thumbnails for youtube, letterheads, visiting cards, Facebook covers, etc. This particular app can be used on phone as well as laptops. And now we will tell you how this app works.

The application we are talking about is known as “CANVA”.Canva is an app to simplify the graphic design. Now you can create anything—from posters, wallpapers, book covers, and all kinds of graphic designs—in seconds flat, with one single tool. Adding design elements in Canva is easy. Start by picking out one of the pre-designed base mark-ups. From there, fit in decorative elements, your own trademarks, or images—any way you want. Switch from Canva’s own stock photos or from any of your own stored on your smartphone, add or eliminate text boxes, use filters, etc. We will share the steps how this app works on laptops and phones as well.


  • Open the website “canva.com” on browser.
  • home page

  • Use login credentials. If you’re a new joiner, signup with desired information.
  • login to canva

  • Visual of app will be shown as
  • user interface

  • As to design something,various courses have to be done. But canva.com lets you learn and design various designs such as youtube thumbnails, facebook cover, poster, flyers etc.
  • learn and design

  • Suppose we need to create a youtube thumbnail, soclick on youtube thumbnail.
    youtube thumbnail
    designing area
    Above screenshot is the designing area of the youtube thumbnail.
  • Now as we have to make a youtube thumbnail, click on uploads and select a picture to upload for thumbnail.
  • select a picture for thumbnail
    select image

  • You can drag and resize the picture as per requirement.
  • drag and resize

  • If we want to add some text, click on text.
    add some text
    You can add text here. Also you can add headings, subheadings etc. as desired. We can also drag and resize the same. Font, color, size etc. can also be changed.
  • Background can be added by clicking on “Background” and we can select desired background.
  • background
    In this way, you can design anything you want.

  • You can also download your design in various formats as png, jpeg etc.
    download your design
    You can design and download anything free of cost and sell it on different freelancing websites.


  • Download and install Canva app on phone.
  • Open canva app on phone.
  • Register yourself free of cost in the same way as on laptop. If already signed up, login.
  • Visuals will be different on phone than laptop.
  • mobile visual

  • You can select what you want to design.
  • Suppose you want to design a logo, so select what logo you want to design.
  • design logo

  • Suppose you need to create a fashion logo. So we can select a desired template.
  • fashion logo

  • You can edit it with all the options available such as text,images etc. as laptop as desired.
  • As used in laptop,you can also download the designs on phone.
  • Also you can transfer your designs to others by different modes as whatsapp,email etc.

However, mailing the contents is the most recommended option to maintain the HD quality of the designs.
Here, we have shown how you can use canva on laptop and phone as well. You can learn it within a day or two easily and start earning a good amount.


  • Offers Pre-Made templates even with free plan.
  • Makes it easier for social marketers to strategize media schedules.
  • Great for personalization.
  • Intuitive, many free fonts and many templates.
  • Easily customized templates are start from scratch on your graphics.
  • Lots of free graphic to use but you can also pay for more premium ones.
  • Designing flyers, magazines, certificates and a lot of marketing material like company profile, brochures etc.
  • Advantage of creating design specific materials like a LinkedIn header or twitter post/poster.
  • Canva is really user friendly, easy to understand and allows a wide variety of professional design choices.
  • The program really does make your work look professional and neat even if you’re not a marketing genius.
  • Beautiful social media assets and templates.


  • Pre-set image sizes sometimes are too large or out of frame when posting content.
  • Difficult to use on tiny screen like iPhone.
  • Limited image selection.
  • Canva should allow you to save your favorite illustrations or photos in a folder so you don’t have to search terms and scroll for them every time.
  • Before we can include our picture on our design we have to first upload it on canva and then we have to paste it on design from canva.
  • Difficult to change the location of certain items in the layout.
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