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www logomaker net Best Part Time Jobs 2020, Logomaker

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www logomaker net

There are around 200 countries in this world and billions of people are spending their livelihood in these countries. In every country, there are thousands of companies where they need employees and workers to get their work done. This is how work is done in big industries and small industries also.

Now a day’s people are working more on the internet. They are active in social media and everyone wants to earn money whether a person is a student or have a permanent job. All want to earn part-time so that they need not take money from their parents or they can buy things of their wish etc. Today I will tell you a way through which you can earn good part-time income in an easy way. We know old is gold but sometimes the company needs new eye-catching things from which it is represented in the market, social media, or on the internet. Now you may be thinking about what it can be? So FYI a company is represented by its brand name and logo.

Today I will be telling you a way of earning money by just designing a logo for the companies. It does not depend on whether the company is small or big. Every Company needs logo for its branding so logo making is an easy job that can be done in a few minutes and it will not take your much time.


If you are a student or house-wife and you are having a basic knowledge of the internet, then you can easily do this work from the comfort of your home. Today I am going to tell you about a website where you can easily earn money by just designing a logo. So this can be done on the Logomaker website. The website URL is www.logomaker.net – Click here to access it

With the help of this website, you can make a profitable amount of money for yourself. You just have to design a logo there which is very simple. This website is free and provides copyright-free logo designs. Some content is premium (Not available in free) so you can access everything by paying a very small amount of Rs 150 (INR).

By paying this small amount of money you will get lifetime access to all of the premium content. There is also an app available. If you want to do work on a mobile phone than you can download the app and can start work easily.

Steps to design Logo on Logomaker

Here are steps below after which you can start designing or creating a logo on this website. You can follow these below-mentioned steps and can understand the whole procedure easily.

1. Open logomaker.net in your browser:

logomaker homepage
This is home page of the website where you will land when you open logomaker website. You can read all details on home page before getting started.

The first step is to signup. You can also call it registration which is absolutely free.

2. Completing the Sign Up process:

For signup click on blue signup button from menus and you can see this screen
signup form www logomaker net

on above form, you need to fill info for getting registered

  • In first field Enter your name.
  • Second field, Enter your Email id.
  • Third field, Enter your password.
  • Fourth Field, Re-enter your password.
  • Now click on the register button

3. Login to your logomaker account.

When the registration process completed, You will automatically get logged into your logomaker account.
logomaker account

4. Now you can start designing a logo.

www logomaker net
After getting logged in you can click on start designing logo button and in next page you can see several categories listed.

logo categories in www logomaker net

5. Next step is to select a category.

In this step, you need to click on category related to the business for which you need a logo. For example, I am creating a logo for a car company. So I have to select the category related to cars.
car category

6. Select logo design

Whenever you click on any category then on the next page you can see several logo designs listed
www logomaker net logo designs

here you can select a logo by clicking on it and can start editing it.

7. Editing or Designing logo.

editing logo
Next step is to edit logo. On above screenshot, you can see Company name text and your tagline text.

This text needs to be changed with the client’s company name and its tagline. For doing this we can simply double click on the text and can change it. (see below screenshot)
edited logo

8. Exporting Designed logo

After editing Logo you can simply export it by clicking on save button (shown below)
exporting logo

How to get logo design work from home.

There are several platforms available online on which you can find logo designing work. You can signup on several freelancing platforms online and can find clients easily. For every new business, there is a requirement of the logo. Logo plays important role in representation of a business. These logos are also important for website branding. Here are some freelancing platforms available online: Fiverr, Guru, FlexJobs, Simply Hired, PeoplePerHour, Writer Access, Skyword, Hireable, 99Designs.

You can read this post to know How to become a freelancer on Upwork


After using the logomaker myself, I can tell you it is a very awesome tool for creating or designing logos. The most important thing is it is almost free also you can access all premium content at a very cheap price of RS 150 which is almost equivalent to 2 US dollars. You can make a logo for every type of niche on this website or app.

So hopefully it’s a good way to start earning part-time income by sitting at your home.

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