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8 Top Tips To Design Perfect Graphics For Exhibition Stands

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The graphic display plays a vital role in an exhibition stand because it can convey the right information to your targeted customers.  You should take the help of professional graphic designers to prepare the graphic display for your exhibition stand. If you want to DIY, then you should first collect the required information. It is imperative to know the certain factors that need to be considered before starting the exhibition graphics designing process.  Read the following tips and implement them to design and create stunning exhibition stand graphics:

1. Start Doing In-Depth Research

If you want to achieve your objective during the exhibition, then it is imperative to know what your competitors are doing. You should do in-depth research and look for different ideas to design alluring graphics. The different exhibitors use different approaches to design eye-catching graphics for their exhibition stand. You can collect the ideas from different exhibitors and modify them to create your own graphic display. If you are exhibiting for the first time, then you can take ideas from different online websites.  On different websites, you will easily find out plenty of graphic design exhibition ideas.

2. Display Simple & Memorable Text

You should keep your exhibition stand graphic display simple and eye-catching. Always keep in mind that your text message should be short and memorable. Also, the short text message should be able to convey the right message to the trade show visitors. You should display your company name and brand slogan in a large and bold font. Make sure that the text message you will include in your graphic display should be memorable and create a long-lasting impact on the readers.

3.Trigger Good Mood With Right Choice Of Colors

The choice of colors can trigger different emotions in people. They can spread the subtle message about your brand. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right colors for your exhibition stand display. By selecting the right color for your exhibition graphics display, you can trigger the good mood of the customer and use it for the advantage of your business. For instance, yellow color can uplift their mood, and blue color can leave a soothing effect on them. Usually, the companies use blue color for the graphic display. It is so because this color can help your business to easily gain the trust of your potential customers.  

4. Leverage The Panels Of Exhibition Stand

When exhibitors choose the non-seamless exhibition graphic display, then the artwork will be broken at 1m intervals. It will provide you a golden opportunity to disintegrate the artwork into various small panels of text messages and images. It is recommended that avoid more than one space between the texts for non-seamless graphic display. If you choose the seamless exhibition graphic display, then large size images and huge text looks perfect.  

5. Choose The Right Dimensions

You should do proper planning and then wisely choose the dimensions of the graphic display. You should also be aware of what will be placed in front of the exhibition graphic display. If you are planning to place a chair, sofa, or table in front of the display wall, then make sure that an important message on the graphic display is visible. It is recommended to place your brand name on the top of the exhibition stand display so that it is clearly visible to the trade show attendees.

6. Careful Inspection Of Images

Before printing any image on the graphic display, you should do careful inspection before printing. It is imperative to see the image on the full scale so that you can make sure that it does look faded. When you see the image in full you may not be able to see in the thumbnail view. You should also ensure that the images should be of high quality. The image quality should be crisp and sharp so that they can be efficiently displayed on a full scale.  

7. Check Spelling & Grammar

It is an obvious thing to consider! You should check the spelling and grammar of the text before displaying it on the exhibition stand graphic design. You should check your messages twice so that there should be no scope of mistakes. It is common to make some mistakes while planning. These mistakes can be corrected by reviewing the text.

8. Get Rid Of Unwanted Details

The exhibition stand graphics are one of the most important things to consider because they can attract trade show visitors. But, it is only possible when your exhibition graphic displays are eye-catching.   The exhibition graphic display also represents the brand identity and spread information about the products. You should keep your message clear and remove unwanted details from the graphic display.

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